30-Day Challenge with Le Adventure di Paul a Roma (lower-intermediate level)

Serena from Smart Italian Learning
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This product includes:

  • The e-Book of "Le Adventure di Paul a Roma"
  • The audiobook narrated by me in slow Italian
  • A set of flashcards
  • Your Learning Challenge*

Attention: there are two versions to this challenge. Make sure you've read the instructions on my blog, so that you can choose the best program for your needs.

Please, read the description of how this challenge works carefully, before purchasing this products.

Content of the story

Do you know that Rome is a jigsaw puzzle of different neighborhoods, each one with its own identity and history? Follow Paul’s adventures in the Eternal City and experience the Italian capital better through Italian dialogues and texts.

This short story book includes:

  • 12 bite-sized chapters with slow audio narrated by a native speaker (access is free online).
  • 12 sets of online flashcards.
  • A bilingual word list at the end of each chapter.
  • Insights into relevant vocabulary, grammar, and common mistakes made by English speakers when learning and speaking Italian.
  • Interesting facts about the Italian capital.
  • Dialogues and experiences you'll commonly encounter in Rome.
  • Review questions for measuring comprehension at the end of each chapter.

Le Avventure di Paul a Roma is a short story book designed for beginners and lower-intermediate learners (A2-B1 CEFR), and optimized for English speakers and for enhancing a fun (non-overwhelming!) learning experience.

Why learn with short-story books?

  • Our brain is not designed to memorize words in isolation. We need to relate a new input (a word, a grammar pattern, a sentence) to an image.
  • Stories will provide you with visuals to relate to the new words and sentences you encounter while reading.
  • When you try to use a new word or sentence, remembering the visual provided by story will help you.
  • You'll absorb naturally the main principles of Italian sentence building (how to connect words and grammar together).

Serena’s storytelling method is the result of over a decade of experience teaching Italian to English native speakers in conversation-based classes.

What other readers have said:

Serena Capilli' Le Avventure di Paul a Roma is just challenging enough for someone at the A1 (beginner to A2 level while also being encouraging to the learner that they know more then they thought the did.

Using stories to learn is a great way to learn everyday phrases - often used strings of words - rather than individual vocabulary words. It really speeds up the ability of a learner to speak in public.

Get all her books, it is a great investment.

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30-Day Challenge with Le Adventure di Paul a Roma (lower-intermediate level)

0 ratings
I want this!