Incontri - Stories in Simple Italian

Serena from Smart Italian Learning
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Why is my Italian short story series different from the other stories you can find on the market?

  • You’ll have access to a slow audio for each chapter, narrated by me.
  • You’ll learn to understand Italy (region by region, city by city) from a local perspective.
  • You’ll have access to content optimized for learning by a highly qualified instructor. 
  • You’ll receive a study guide and flashcards, which you can review at any time on Quizlet.
  • Everything is on Gumroad, so you can read and listen anywhere and anytime!

What is my short story series all about?

Content: Fiona is the first in her Italian-American family to learn her ancestors' language. At university in the US, she earned a scholarship and moved to Rome to improve her Italian for a semester. But there's more to the story. To complete an Italian citizenship application, she must obtain a copy of her great-grandfather's birth certificate. This brings her to Sicily. In Sicily, she has several encounters that will forever alter her future.

Level: This short story is appropriate for all Italian learners who have at least a pre-intermediate level of proficiency in the language (A2). This book might be useful for advanced beginners as well.

A Time-Effective Way of Learning Italian: You'll be able to read a complete story in the native language in no time, while also expanding your vocabulary.  I estimate it will take only 10 minutes to read each chapter, and another 5-10 to complete the annexed exercises.

A Fun Way of Learning: My Italian short stories are easy to digest, and are filled with amusing anecdotes and fascinating facts about Italian culture, making them much more enjoyable, and drawing you into that world. Reading my short stories will help you understand Italy (and Italian!) better.

Cultural awareness: you will learn about Italian as well as Italy. This Italian short story series is set in various off-the-beaten-path locations throughout Italy.  My goal is to motivate you to talk about or experience what you've read.

Learning Grammar: This Italian short story contains enough grammar for you to keep learning without becoming overwhelmed. Most chapters end with short English explanations of how to correctly use some important parts of Italian grammar and vocabulary.

 A Smart Way of Learning: Science supports that learning languages through short stories is the best way to develop the brain for any language learning process. Even in our native language, we learned the majority of our vocabulary as children by reading. We also encourage people to read simple Italian so that they can learn words and patterns in a fun and easy way.

Sneak a peek into Chapter 1 here

Grammar & Vocabulary content 

  • how to say “how long you have been doing something in Italian”
  • the two meanings of the verb conoscere
  • the irregular future simple
  • the reflexive verbs with the passato prossimo
  • the adverb proprio
  • how to use the word magari! and the difference with forse
  • how to use the adverb “ecco”
  • when to use bello vs bel/begli/bei
  • how to say you're about to do something
  • and much more.


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Incontri - Stories in Simple Italian

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